The science and politics of boosters

The spectre of a poor-country debt crisis

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Herd immunity

COVID lessons for climate

Could we replicate the vaccine breakthrough to tackle the even greater threat of climate change? This analysis looks at how and where the winning vaccine formula might be deployed in the race to stop our planet overheating.

European Commission Sign

The European Union’s vaccine-acquisition strategy

When phar­maceutical companies began distributing COVID-19 vaccines in late 2020 and early 2021, the European Union fell immediately behind the United Kingdom and United States in the number of doses administered. It faced shortages while, at the same time, allowing a substantial share of the vaccines it was receiving to be exported. This slow initial roll-out – which happened just as another wave of the pandemic was hitting many EU member states – has been extremely costly in human and economic terms and has battered the reputation of the European Commission.

Close shot of a vaccine being drawn from a vial into a syringe. The word COVID-19 floats in the background.

What we know about vaccine hesitancy

Visualisation of COVID-19 virus