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If the current daily vaccination rate of 39.6 million doses could be maintained, the world could achieve full vaccination of 80% of adults in the time shown on the clock. Big countries — China above all, but also India, Brazil and Japan — are now vaccinating rapidly. But poorer, populous Africa is far behind. At its current, albeit improved, daily rate of 1 million doses, it will take four more years to achieve 80%. 

* Seven-day rolling average. Source: Our World In Data

The great inflation debate

By Dylan Barry, GCPPP staff, July 23rd 2021

This ANALYSIS looks at the debate among economists and central bankers about whether monetary authorities should allow economies more breathing space, and thus higher inflation, during the pandemic recoveries, than orthodoxy would suggest.

COVID lessons for climate

By Luke Lythgoe, GCPPP staff, July 9th 2021

Could humanity replicate the vaccine breakthrough to tackle the even greater threat of climate change? This ANALYSIS looks at how and where the winning vaccine formula might be deployed in the race to stop our planet overheating.

The Pandemic This Week

Our summary of the main pandemic crises-related news in the week to August 2nd.

The invasion and desecration on January 6th of the seat of American democracy by a crowd incited by President Donald Trump


By Dylan Barry, GCPPP staff, July 16th 2021

The widespread breakdown in trust in facts, expertise, government and democracy itself before the pandemic has manifested itself during this crisis in conspiracy theories about the virus and, most damagingly now, about vaccines. This ANALYSIS looks at how belief in conspiracy theories is hard-wired into human psychology and how this can be responded to.

Leading Indicators

Our third monthly update on the world’s progress in producing vaccines to protect against COVID-19 shows an impressive rise in global output from 822 million doses in May to 1.22 billion in June, of which nearly 60% was made by two Chinese firms. Output in the EU rose by 50% and that in India doubled, compared with June. The two Chinese firms are now way ahead of Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca in production scale, though behind in vaccine efficacy.