Yoichi Funabashi

Dr Yoichi Funabashi is an award-winning Japanese journalist, columnist and author who is now co-founder and Chairman of the Asia Pacific Initiative, an influential Tokyo-based think-tank. He has written extensively on foreign affairs, the US–Japan Alliance, geo-economics and historical issues in the Asia Pacific. He has a distinguished career as a journalist, having served as a correspondent for the Asahi Shimbun in Beijing (1980-81) and Washington (1984-87), as US General Bureau Chief (1993-97) and later as Editor-in-Chief (2007-10). He was the first Japanese laureate of Stanford University’s prestigious Shorenstein Journalism Award (2016). He established the Rebuild Japan Initiative Foundation in September 2011 which expanded to become Asia Pacific Initiative in 2017. His English books include Meltdown (forthcoming); The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism, ed. (co-edited with G. John Ikenberry, 2020); The Peninsula Question (2007); Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific, ed. (2003); Alliance Adrift (1998, winner of the Shincho Arts and Sciences Award); and Asia-Pacific Fusion: Japan’s Role in APEC (1995, winner of the Mainichi Shimbun Asia Pacific Grand Prix Award).

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