Alvaro Vargas-Llosa

Alvaro Vargas Llosa is an award-winning Peruvian and Spanish writer focusing on developing countries and international affairs. His most recent book is “Global Crossings: Immigration, Civilization, and America.” He is the head of the Business Council at Fundación Internacional para la Libertad and a Senior Fellow of The Center on Global Prosperity at the Independent Institute in Washington, DC. In 2007 he was nominated as Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2010, he obtained the Templeton Award for Lessons from the PoorForeign Policy magazine nominated him one of the top 50 public intellectuals in the Spanish-speaking world in 2012. He was a nationally syndicated columnist for the Washington Post Writers Group for five years, his book Liberty for Latin America received the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award for its contribution to the cause of freedom in 2006 and Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit was awarded the Templeton Freedom Award (2010). In 2008, he presented the four-part series Consecuencias on contemporary Latin American history for National Geographic, which aired in 100 countries. A native of Peru and a citizen of Spain, he received his B.Sc. in international history from the London School of Economics and an M.A. in Value Investing and Theory of the Cycle at OMMA in Spain.

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